Legend of the Fall Getaway

Convincing Jerry Ott to teach at the upcoming Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway was a major achievement and rarest of opportunities for students (beginner to professional) to learn from one of the greatest photo-realists in modern history.  The newer generation of artists may not be familiar with Ott’s work (his how-to and some gallery pics were featured in the July-August issue of Airbrush Action), but believe me, he’s brilliant and world class.  Twenty years ago, Mr. Ott agreed to instruct at a Getaway, but refused to fly and got cold feet a month before the date when he realized it would be too long a drive.  Things have changed since, and Ott is willing to fly and excited to experience Vegas for the first time.  There’s a slight possibility he’ll participate in future workshops (I’ll remain hopeful), but it’s definitely not certain.  So, I’m not being heavy-handed in trying to sell you on attending the September program, just realistic that this could be your only opportunity to learn from a true legend.  I’m more accessible than you may think, so please call (732-223-7878 or 800-876-2472) if you’d like to talk about the many great opportunities available at an Airbrush Getaway.

Speaking of legends, I really look forward to dinner with Don Eddy on Monday.  Don is a close friend of twenty years, he’s one of the finest people I’ve ever met, and he is, by far, the best dinner “date.”   If you need to know the latest greatest dining in Manhattan, Don Eddy is the go-to guy.  He knows food, his restaurant choices are impeccable, and his skill at conversation is almost unmatched.  Don is also, most deservedly, in the Who’s Who of American Fine Artists, and if you’re unfamiliar with his art, please visit www.doneddyart.com and drool.  The work is absolutely stunning, compelling as hell, and pure genius.  Also, the uninitiated should know that Don’s paintings are comprised of millions of 1/16th inch circles rendered exclusively with a 50-year-old single-action Paasche VL airbrush!  Amazing!!!  Don’s work is available through the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in New York: www.nancyhoffmangallery.com.  By the way, Don’s wife, Lee, is also an accomplished artist and a dynamic woman.


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