Vegas Airbrush Getaway Recap

Nicole Brune, an Airbrush Action cover girl (June 2009) in Pinup Class

Gerard Harrigan, Mega Getaway Alumnus, Excelled in Power Portraits

Last week’s Airbrush Getaway was by far one of the most rewarding and challenging.  I’ll start with the challenges.  The setup of the program is quite extensive and complex, and can take up to six hours to complete with a crew of about 20.  It’s usually done the day before the one-day seminars.  However, due to a scheduling conflict with another event (a lingerie fashion show, of all great things), we were denied access to start until 1am

Brian Lynch, spray gun handler extraordinaire, made all believers in Anest Iwata guns

Monday night (Tuesday morning, technically).  Super kudos to the teaching staff for toughing it until 5am, sleeping for only 90 minutes, and teaching that day!!  It took me three days to recover. 

            Ultimately, Jerry Ott’s Power Portraits produced, by far, the best work I’ve ever seen in a portrait class, but it did not start without a hiccup.  Because it was Jerry’s inaugural Getaway, I have to admit that things did get off to a slow and awkward start, and some students bailed for other classes even at my insistence that momentum would hit sooner than later.  My prediction proved correct, and those who stayed not only loved it, but promised to repeat at a future Getaway.  It turned out that Ott’s course is really best suited for advanced, hard-core artists who can reap the benefits of observing a true master at work.  I personally believe that watching Jerry paint on an actual project is a rare and golden opportunity, and I also believe that this course will only get better (Jerry, Javier, and I are already making key changes for the March Getaway in Vegas.  And, yes, Jerry Ott just committed to another one; he wants a rematch, damn it!) A big, warm thanks to Jerry for sharing his techniques, and a special thanks to Javier Soto and Troy Pierce for their support as assistants.

            The program was, in balance, one of the best I’ve seen.  Ryno, who was a last-minute replacement for Craig Fraser, was extraordinary, ensuring that the students executed the most demos ever produced in that class.  Ryno is truly a charismatic and dynamic instructor, and I can’t thank him enough for being so prepared, energetic, and effective.  Fraser was certainly missed by many, but Ryno did an impeccable job filling the void. 

            Scott and Michael Fresener’s T-Shirt Screenprinting three-day course, as always, hits on all cylinders in delivering what it promises, and I don’t believe there is better hands-on instruction on the subject.  Students printed tons of shirts with puff, plastisol, and other specialty inks; really impressive.  For more information on screenprinting, please visit

            I loved the new projects performed in the Murals on Steel and Dynamic Kustom Painting classes.  Cross-Eyed, Jonathan Pantaleon, and Alan Pastrana are always committed to offering new techniques and challenges for their students.

            Also, big thanks and congratulations go to the event’s sponsors; SEM (new sponsor), Anest Iwata, Iwata, Createx, Artool (new sponsor), and Coast Airbrush.  David Vivian and Dan Chester, SEM’s reps, did a superior job, and were there every minute to answer questions, mix paint, and offer solid product support.

Anest Iwata Spray Guns Shine in New Format

            Mark Hebbeler, of Anest Iwata, and Brian Lynch joined forces to initiate a new teaching format to ensure that most students would have the opportunity to handle Anest Iwata’s fine line of spray guns, and learn their intricacies, nuances, and many applications. It was a booming success.  At past Getaways, experienced spray gun users (some for 20+ years) have claimed that the one or two tricks revealed by Lynch were well worth the price of admission alone, and I felt strongly that all students should have this important exposure.  If most T-shirt artists understood how critical and efficient spray guns are for their application, they’d sprint to buy them!  Faux artists, fine artists, illustrators, body artists, spray tanners, and tons more would benefit exponentially from the use of spray guns.  Find out more at

Artograph’s LED 200 Projector Received Raves and an Exciting Buzz

            John Davis, Artograph’s COO, was present to spread the gospel about their new LED 200 Projector and demonstrate its finer points.  The crowd went “wild,” and this product proved to be one of the most exciting ever introduced at the Airbrush Getaway.  The LED 200 plays videos, slide shows, and music like other projectors, but those are just the side benefits.  This projector is loaded with custom features geared specifically for artists, such as six built-in grids for use in layout and design—they can be superimposed over any image or photo for dead-on image alignment and composition—a brilliant color-correct image that’s completely adjustable, excellent keystoning, and their lamp lasts a whopping 30,000 hours (that’s four hours a day for more than twenty years)!  The LED 200 was discounted at the Getaway to $649.95 from $699.95, and all four sold out in less than a day.  Three more were sold on backorder.  Congratulations to Artograph for a smash hit.

The Getaway is truly an incredible program, and I’m proud to be a part of it.  I hope to see you in Las Vegas, at the Rio, February 28 through March 4, 2011.


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  1. Jim says:

    Very nice blog – I have heard the getaways are awesome – I will be attending them next year.

    Airbrush Store

  2. Aric Heide says:

    I can’t wait to get back for another Getaway!!!!!

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