Great Student Feedback

For me, one of the greatest rewards in producing the Airbrush Getaway is knowing that we impact people in a positive way.  I understand that attendees pay good money (especially in these hard times) to attend the program, so it’s very important, critically so, that it works for everyone.  Feedback, good and critical, is always solicited and welcome because nothing is perfect and I’ll always view the Getaway as a work in progress that requires constant tweaking, improvement, and growth.  And, unlike some forums, I won’t censor your views and opinions.  At the recent Las Vegas Airbrush Getaway, the overall response was excellent, and I really appreciated the following e-mail from Chad Buhler.  It always means alot to me when someone takes the time to write, especially when I know it’s from the heart.

Hello Cliff,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Vegas Getaway. This was my first Getaway, and I was in the Intro to Pinstriping and Pinstriping & Lettering Mastery classes. Every instructor there was very open and accessible, and willing to talk to me, even if I wasn’t in the class they were teaching. The staff was great, and made me feel very welcome and made me feel right at home.

Having Brian Lynch there to show all classes how to use spray guns, and give us hands-on demonstrations was great. I was especially grateful to him for helping me with my ‘special’ project of painting and flaking my half mannequin in preparation for pinstriping. I learned a lot working with him and was thrilled to get a chance to work one on one with him.

I would also like to let you know that Jeff Styles and Jen Hallet were awesome instructors. They made the class very informative, but still were able to maintain a relaxed and easy environment to learn and ask questions. They were always available, and did all they could to help me advance my abilities and give me as much knowledge as I could handle about the business. I am so happy with my experience and what I was able to learn from this class that I cannot even express to you in words, even though I am trying now. Jeff Styles has even responded to me personally on some questions I had after the course, which was amazing to me.

So again, thank you for putting on such a tremendous experience. I know I am not the only one who enjoyed the week!

Thanks again!

Chad Buhler

Thanks, Chad, for allowing me to post this.  By the way, as an aside, Jeff Styles deserves special acknowledgment as one of the classiest acts in the industry.  He’s a true professional in how he conducts himself in business and as a teacher.  Post Getaway, Jeff always e-mails his thoughts on the workshops and to thank me when he’s the one who deserves the appeciation for a super job.


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1 Response to Great Student Feedback

  1. Jeff Styles says:

    Cliff again you have out done yourself, you and your staff have put together a great thing, the blog is awsome your website is top notch, i am glad to read the blog and see that one of my students has replied to you and your staff, that is awsome,
    Keep doing what you are doing Cliff, its all good!!!!!

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