The New & Improved

I’d like to thank those who have commented on my blog.  It’s easy to run out of things to write about, so by all means let me hear your suggestions (, if you wish to e-mail me directly) on various topics.  Also, we invested tons of time and effort (major, major kudos and a standing ovation to Erin Bennett, our webmaster and designer) revamping and would love your critical feedback.  I’m pretty thick-skinned, so let me have it, so to speak.  I need to hear the good and the bad because we’re more committed than ever to evolving the site, and, ultimately, making it the way you want it. will only work if it caters to your needs and wants; it exists to serve you.  Some plans include free and cost-based video streaming, more artist links (you may link back to your bio on from your site), much more free editorial content, downloadable books, and more.  Whether you know it or not, your opinions have helped shape Airbrush Action magazine, and I know they’ll make all the difference here.  Sock it to me, guys.


About Airbrush Action

The Official Blog of Airbrush Action Magazine. We provide you everything related to the art of airbrushing and the culture. We offer an online and offline magazine, airbrush workshops and courses, video and DVDs, books, merchandise, and an airbrushing community forum.
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