Airbrush Action is Broken Into!

It’s such a strange and scary experience to get a knock on your door at 3am, which happened to me this past Saturday.  The tension was somewhat eased once I realized it was the police versus some stranger, but then the rush and flush set in wondering what on Earth could be wrong.  It couldn’t be my kids; they’re 3 and 4 1/2, in bed safe and sound.  The only other thing I could deduce was that one of my horse’s escaped and was out on the road to Dunkin Donuts or some other 24-hour hangout (where else would a horse go, right?!)  I live on a 6-acre farm, and all of my animals have, at one time or another, liberated themselves from their vinyl-fence prisons; this would be nothing new.

The officer quickly informed me, unfortunately, that the warehouse section of Airbrush Action had been broken into.  The adrenaline and fright of the situation was much to bear (typically, I’m a pretty solid crisis manager, but this just struck me the wrong way at the worst hour) and the officer was kind enough to drive me to the crime scene less than a mile away.  If nothing else, this story should serve as an allegory for having an alarm system, which we do, and use religiously at Airbrush Action.

The perpetrator(s), whom I believe are neighborhood kid(s), smashed the wire mesh window of the rear door of the building next to the loading docks.  We believe the idiots split immediately after the motion detector triggered the alarm.  Nothing seemed damaged or stolen, except for the door, of course, which was boarded up until the new one is installed. 

The Wall Township Police were terrific as they arrived at Airbrush Action 30 seconds after being contacted by the alarm monitoring company.  There were five officers on the scene waiting until the detective arrived.  I was told that, leading up to Halloween, these incidents are most likely to happen.  Although the ending was somewhat happy because all was safe, I still find it quite unsettling and creepy that this can happen even in the best neighborhoods.  Please excuse my naiveté, but I’ve lived in Allenwood for nearly 16 years and this was a first.


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8 Responses to Airbrush Action is Broken Into!

  1. Tom Puentes says:

    Glad to hear that know one was hurt and damage was minimal. I have a very low tolerance for thieves.
    All this time that I’ve known you, I didn’t know that you had horses. How long have you had them and how many? I’m down to only two horses now and think that I’ll stay with just two. Two horses and 5 acres still take up a lot of my time.

    • Good to hear from you, Tom. I own two paint horses that were born on the farm, and three horses board here. My farm is six acres, close in size to yours. BTW, did you hear about the blog from today’s e-mail? Let’s stay in touch. Warm regards, Cliff

  2. Tom Puentes says:

    It was from the e-mail that I learned about your blog. Now that I know about it, I will check it often. I like the idea of keeping up with what is going on with Airbrush Action and the crew. I subscribe to the magazine and enjoy it, but I think the blog brings Airbrush Action to a more personal level with its readers. Thanks.

    • That inspires me even more. It’s difficult to keep coming up with ideas to write about, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know. You’re a true friend. Cliff

  3. Derrick Thorpe says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Cliff. I am nowhere near Airbrush Action, as I am doooooown south in North Cakalakee(Carolina). Still, hearing any news about a break-in and vandalism is upsetting, and brings to mind the thought of breaking in between two butt cheeks with a soccer kick strong enough to make someone think the person takes ballet. Glad all is well.


  4. A safety commenter from a fellow victim says:

    Hope you forgive me for this. In the interests of your safety after what I have been through the past 19 years: please modify the comment of crime scene less than a mile away or you might need to have the alarm system on your housing with several big dogs. I didn’t have the alarm system but nearly caught the problem in person; it has taken a number of years to identify all my perpetrators (I found 10 so far) and they still are around, with a little harassment to myself. Other than this comment, I feel bad you got hurt financially. The door probably is stronger now. Wonder what size could break open a door like that? Good luck.

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