I’m Going Under the Knife

On Wednesday, November 10 I undergo shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff (a complete tear).  25 years ago I injured the shoulder playing raquetball, but it wasn’t until this year that, through exercise, I damaged it further and the condition became unbearable.  I can’t lift anything laterally, perform any kind of shoulder press, and reaching up for anything makes me wince.  I’m having the surgery done by Dr. Louis Bigliani, of Columbia Hospital, in New York.  If he’s good enough for Kobi Bryant, he’s good enough for me.  If any of you have had shoulder surgery and can offer any advice or share your experience, please write.  Anyway folks, wish me luck.


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3 Responses to I’m Going Under the Knife

  1. Barb Jackson says:

    Had this happen to me but I had an incomplete tear and so was able to rehab it and it works . BUT I have to be careful about rotating my shoulder (gee, no more blistering baseball pitches or football passes) I was warned that I could get a complete tear and then I am in for it. It takes being careful. I no longer routinely lift heavy weights (with horses like mine sometimes unavoidable) but jerking motions are asking for trouble. I no longer start chainsaws. Got one with the big battery. Now everything runs on the big batteries and they always start. Rehab carefully. I had a large and tall friend (over 400 lbs) who went through this last year and he is as good as new. Back golfing and he hated missing half the season but it was worth it. Watch yourself lifting the kids! It is so easy to unconsciously pick them up and… ouch.

  2. Lonnie says:

    I had mine a few years back. Recovery is slow and a lot of work. Be persistant! The best tool I had was a pulley that hooked on top of a door with a rope. You set with your back to the edge of the door and pull the rope back and forth to increase your range of motion. Good luck!

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